Ashbourne Day Nurseries Covid 19 Operational Procedure

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This procedure is created in line with government guidance: click here to review 

it will be updated in accordance with any changes in official advice.

Effective Infection Protection and Control

Transmission of coronavirus takes place through droplets generated through breathing, coughing and sneezing.

As it is not realistic to expect young children to social distance or wear face masks we will be implementing the following controls:

Who cannot attend nursery?

  • Any adults or children showing symptoms of fever or continuous cough will be excluded from the nursery for a minimum of 7 – 14 days unless documented proof of a negative test is provided.
  • Any adult or child living with a person with a confirmed case or symptoms must self isolate for 14 days.
  • Those classed as clinically extremely vulnerable should not attend.
  • Anyone who is unsure should seek medical advice.


  • Adults and children entering the setting must wash or sanitise hands immediately. Staff will vigilantly clean their hands regularly and after dealing with any personal hygiene – wiping noses, changing nappies…
  • Throughout the day any surfaces regularly touched will be cleaned – worktops, tables, handrails, play equipment, sinks, toilets..
  • Those that travel to nursery via public transport should change clothes upon arrival.

Minimising Contact

it is impossible to employ social distancing between young children in the same way as expected in adults, guidance state that children should be kept in groups of the same adults and children and mixing should be avoided. We will do this by:

  • Keeping children in their grouped rooms – they will not join with the other rooms at any point.
  • Group size will not exceed 16 children.
  • Utilising outdoor areas to maximum potential – groups will not be mixed outdoors.
  • Arranging furniture in the rooms to create small group areas.
  • Children will be dropped off and picked up from the nursery entrance – parents and carers will not come into the building unless absolutely essential. Any questions or detailed conversations should take place via telephone or email.
  • Activities delivered by external providers such as Spanish, sports and music sessions will not take place.
  • In order to minimise cross-contamination, children may only attend one setting.

Activities for Children

In order to minimise indirect transmission of infection there will be some changes to the resources available for children:

  • Sand and water play will not be provided unless on an individual basis
  • Any soft toys, cushions or furnishings will be removed
  • Any toys or resources that cannot be easily cleaned will be removed
  • Staff will be stationed at activities and will vigilantly clean or remove anything that comes into contact with children’s bodily fluids.
  • All toys will be cleaned after use.
  • Toys and activities from home should not be brought into nursery. Comforters are permitted if absolutely necessary but should be left at nursery where possible.

Personal Protective Equipment

The guidance states that staff in childcare and education settings do not require to routinely wear PPE beyond what they would usually have needed. This means:

  • Gloves and aprons while changing nappies or dealing with other spillages of bodily fluids.
  • Masks will be available if staff feel they are necessary.

If a child becomes unwell while in nursery

If a child becomes unwell with coronavirus symptoms they will be removed to a room where they can be isolated until collection. The child will be looked after by one person who will try to avoid too much direct contact with the child, this person will wear gloves, apron and mask if deemed necessary.

The PPE worn by this member of staff will then be disposed of as per the government guidance.

The child will not be permitted to return for a minimum of 7 – 14 days unless documentation is provided to demonstrate a negative test.

Breakfast and after school clubs

We will be unable to operate any wrap-around care until further notice. This is due to risk of cross-contamination between groups.

This procedure is subject to change in accordance with government guidelines.

updated on 26th May 2020.