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learning opportunity at Barking

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National Ocean Week

This week we celebrated National Ocean Week.

The children got involved in an activity that included different shades of water and this sparked discussions about the different levels of the ocean. 

We also talked about which marine life creatures live nearer the beach and which ones live nearer the ocean. The children were then able to put the sea life creatures into the different levels of water that they thought they lived in.

In the tuff tray all the sealife animals and the boats that we made were set up and this encouraged the children to use their imagination and tell a story about the sea creatures. 

In the small world area, we set up all the marine life creatures and flash cards and the children were asked to recognise them and link them to the words to develop their literacy skills.

We then had a fishing activity in the messy tray and the children absolutely loved using the sticks and magnets and collecting the fish. 

The children fished for numbers, colours and different sized fish. This lead to us expanding their vocabulary and they then linked it to hobbies they may do at home with family members. 

In the tuff tray the toddlers explored sealife using different coloured playdough. They explored the different textures and also identified the sealife creatures and we talked about going to the beach and what we might see at the beach. 

We also identified the different colours of the playdough.

Overall the children loved getting involved in these learning opportunities to celebrate World Ocean Week.


learning opportunity at Barking
learning opportunity at Barking
learning opportunity at Barking
learning opportunity at Barking