Fenny Stratford Nursery

nursery review card on multiple websites

Fenny Stratford September Nursery News

What we’ve been up to… Eco Schools We are starting a new programme called “Eco Schools”. This is a great award for our nursery to work towards. It is a lot of focus on Recycling, looking after the planet and teaching children as well as encouraging them to have a part in environmental change. Review cards We are offering a free AM session to the first two parents who leave us a review on all three sites until December 2021.

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we are going on a bear hunt learning opportunity at Fenny Stratford

Fenny Stratford May Nursery News

What we’ve been up to… Baby room Room changes In the baby room we have had some changes. We have new additions to the room, we have got a new sofa, floor lights and a tepee!  The babies have been loving cuddles on the sofa and have also loved sitting in the tepee looking at books. We are also swapping our cribs for sleep pods to give more of a cosy feel. We are adding family photos and would love

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England flag being painted

Fenny Stratford Nursery News

What we’ve been up to… What’s new? Sadly, we have said goodbye to Jho (Baby room lead) and Kalisha (Toddler practitioner). They have both moved on and are working in schools. We wish them the best of luck on their new adventures. However, you may still see Kalisha as she has become bank staff during term times.  We would also like to say congratulations to Chanelle (Pre-school room lead) on her promotion to Third in Charge.  Pre-school will be welcoming

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Dual site manager

Welcoming two new dual site managers

Gabby Ades Delia Bostan Jordan McCormick We are delighted to announce that two of our experienced nursery managers have been promoted to Dual Site Manager positions.  Gabby Ades, who has managed our Wing nursery for the last few years, has been made the Dual Site Manager of our Wing and Leighton Buzzard nurseries.  Delia Bostan, Manager of our Milton Keynes Central nursery, has been promoted to the Dual Site Manager position at our Milton Keynes Central and Fenny Stratford nurseries.

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March Fenny Stratford Nursery News

What we’ve been up to… Reminders Term time only children break up Friday 26th March and return Monday 12th April. The nursery will be closed on Good Friday 2nd April and Easter Monday 5th April and will reopen as normal on Tuesday 6th April. Babies In babies we have been exploring the texture of paint with our hands creating some lovely pictures to be displayed. We have also enjoyed some water play, filling, emptying and climbing into the water tray

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Fenny Stratford February News

What we’ve been up to… Recommend a Friend Scheme Relaunch We have now revamped the Recommend a Friend scheme so you are now able to earn up to 50% off one of your monthly fees. For all the details, please visit here   New Baby Room We are delighted to announce that we have recently relocated the baby area to a beautifully bright, spacious and light new room.  There are plenty of new areas for the babies to explore, allowing

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Fenny Stratford Nursery

Fenny Stratford January News

What we’ve been up to… Moving Vehicles One of our children had been explaining their fascination of moving vehicles after regularly seeing trains pass their house. This was a brilliant invitation to create our own train track and surrounding environment. While fully engaged in pushing, pulling, joining and connecting pieces of the trains and tracks, we discussed the importance of safety around trains. To extend this activity in the future, we will be walking the children down to the local

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Fenny Stratford December News

What we’ve been up to… Baby room This month in our baby room they have had lots of fun getting messy and involved in some lovely Christmas activities. They have been learning how to use paint dabbers to make Christmas cards, developing their palmer grasp holding stampers and expressing themselves through paint on paper while decorating snowflakes. They have also been looking at different textures by adding glitter to the paint. Toddler room In the toddler room they have enjoyed

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