Princes Risborough Baby Nursery

musical learning opportunity at Princes Risborough Baby

Princes Risborough Baby July Nursery News

What we’ve been up to… Painting Earlier this month, we used paint in different ways. We tried to encourage our children to explore the textures of paint without getting messy.We put some paper and paint into a bag and moved the paint around with our fingers. The children loved to explore the paint in this way. Practitioners exposed the children to different vocabulary to expand their knowledge and understanding, whilst also demonstrating to the children how to move the paint

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princes Risborough baby nursery with a grey sofa and rug with opportunities layed out

Princes Risborough Baby June Nursery News

What we’ve been up to… Baby room revamp! We have made some lovely changes to our baby room.  With a new sofa and cushions in our book corner, it makes it feel much more cosy and homely. Moving to music The children enjoyed dancing and moving to the music we made whilst reading books and singing the songs.  The practitioners all joined in, demonstrating different actions to different songs and how we could move our bodies to make different sounds

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Princes Risborough baby nursery

Princes Risborough Baby May Nursery News

What we’ve been up to… Baking shortbread This month the children made some lovely shortbread to take home with them. The learning opportunity was carried out in a COVID friendly way with each child having their own bowl of ingredients to mix. The children learnt about taking turns, following instructions, and enjoying the sensory experience. Worm hunt Last week the children went on a worm hunt to collect worms for their ‘Wormery’. The children enjoyed exploring the sensory experience of

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rainbow activity at Princes Risborough Baby

Princes Risborough Baby April Nursery News

What we’ve been up to… New meet the team page In response to the feedback given in the recent survey, we’ve created a new meet the team page. Meet the friendly faces that are dedicated to providing high quality childcare to your children every day. Find out about each staff member here. Goldilocks and The Three Bears sensory play The nursery team combined the children’s love of sensory play with one of their favourite stories ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ to

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March Princes Risborough Baby Nursery News

Nursery updates The nursery car park is currently closed to reduce mixing between the school parents, the nursery parents and those attending the children’s centre. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause. The staff at the setting will be bringing down your child / children’s learning journals for you to look through every other week. We are implementing this to involve you as much as possible in your little ones development at nursery. Any WOW moments caught

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Princes Risborough February News

What we’ve been up to in our baby nursery… Imaginative play This month the children at the baby nursery enjoyed a lot of imaginative play. We created experiences for the children which focused on animals to develop their understanding of the names of different animals, where they live and the noises that they make. The children loved going to the animal box to choose the animals that they wanted to add to the experience. Learning to count The children have

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