Swanbourne Nursery

cows in swanbourne farm

Swanbourne September Nursery News

What we’ve been up to… Allotment area Over the summer our nursery team and children have been working hard to develop the allotment area. The children have continued to lay a path using small slabs, stones and wooden pieces. We have observed and monitored the comings and goings in our dipping pond and are delighted to find we now have a frog in residence! Our wooden tepee is coming along nicely and we regularly find some good branches and sticks

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swanbourne tea bag learning opportunity

Swanbourne June Nursery News

What we’ve been up to… World Ocean Day The children recently enjoyed celebrating World Ocean Day with our under the sea learning provocation and large scale painting opportunities. Potion Making The children used fruity teabags to mix potions of colour and scents. This learning opportunity meant the children were able to discover new smells and recognise a variety of colours. Going Yellow for Shine On 25th June we will be supporting Shine by wearing yellow to nursery. Shine is the UK’s

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Snails at our Swanbourne nursery

Swanbourne May Nursery News

What we’ve been up to… Discovering snails Last week the toddlers at our Swanbourne nursery loved discovering snails. This learning opportunity created awe and wonder amongst our toddlers, sparking conversations about the snail’s habitat, how to be gentle with them and how to show care and concern for living things. The children used magnifying glasses to identify objects in the tray promoting language and introducing new words. This learning experience gave the children the opportunity to explore  nature, increasing their

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Swanbourne nursery rainbow tuff tray

Swanbourne April Nursery News

What we’ve been up to… This month we have been busy bees, planting in our nature area which is outside our reception. This will provide much needed plants for minibeasts ready for the beginning of Spring and the Save the Bees campaign.  Nature sensory play The babies have planted sunflower seeds to save the bees, offering an opportunity for sensory exploration. They have also explored textures such as pinecones, leaves and bark in their nature tree tuff tray. Learning about

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March Swanbourne Nursery News

What we’ve been up to… World Book Day All of our children dressed up and participated in storytelling learning opportunities throughout the week. Hannah went the extra mile and came in dressed as The Fantastic Mr Fox! She read stories to the children throughout the day, offered opportunities to explore story bags and used props to support her storytelling. Messy play This red crazy foam was a great learning opportunity to support our children’s fine motor skills as they manipulated the

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Swanbourne Nursery February News

What we’ve been up to… Mark making At the start of the month Kittens enjoyed mark making with crayons. To help develop their understanding of the world the adults set out natural objects to spark conversation and represent thoughts and ideas. Each child told a story about the objects in front of them. They drew around the objects, traced the textures and positioned them inside the frames to complete their picture. By framing the children’s workspace, we are igniting their

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Swanbourne nursery

Swanbourne January News

What we’ve been up to… Beach-themed tuff tray Issy set up a beautiful beach themed tuff tray in our kittens room with the intention of sparking children’s curiosity, awe and wonder. This activity supported our children’s communication and language skills. They discussed the variety of textures offered, named the animals and objects they could find and talked about which animals you may find in the ocean with coastal habitats. We also took this opportunity to support the social and emotional

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child decorating Christmas tree

Swanbourne December News

What we’ve been up to… This month Christmas hit our nursery! Ho Ho Ho! All of the rooms had been decorated with tinsel and fairy lights to create a festive atmosphere for the children. Each of our rooms has a Christmas tree which was decorated by the children. We’ve also had lots of arts and crafts flowing throughout the rooms. The children have also enjoyed using carrots, brussel sprouts and cabbage to pretend making Christmas dinner. Previous Next Opening the

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