Wing Nursery

Making chocolate krispie cakes at Wing

Wing July Nursery News

What we’ve been up to… Chocolate krispie cakes At the start of this month, the children took part in making their own pudding for lunch- Chocolate Krispie Cakes!We melted the chocolate and carefully mixed the krispies in.Once the mixture was made, we carefully scooped up some chocolate krispies and put them in the cake cases.Once the children finished, we put them in the fridge to harden, and all the children were then able to sample their delights for their pudding

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little girl dressed up as a fairy

Wing June Nursery News

What we’ve been up to… Making Flapjacks Earlier this month, Hedgehogs got to make flapjacks! The children weighed the ingredients and mixed them all up. Once it was cooked, it was cut up, so that the children were able to take their flapjacks home. Adventures This month Squirrels were able to explore the field to see what they could find, the children discovered a bird house, daisies, some ants, and some very long swishy grass! Everyone loved this learning experience,

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natural resources at our Wing nursery

Wing April Nursery News

What we’ve been up to… Have your say on our summer menu dishes We would love to know what your children enjoy eating at home, so that we can incorporate some of these dishes into our summer menu. We have a yellow box positioned outside the nursery for your suggestions. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Creating transcient art This month the children have been having lots of fun creating transient artwork using a range of loose parts. They enjoyed

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Dual site manager

Welcoming two new dual site managers

Gabby Ades Delia Bostan Jordan McCormick We are delighted to announce that two of our experienced nursery managers have been promoted to Dual Site Manager positions.  Gabby Ades, who has managed our Wing nursery for the last few years, has been made the Dual Site Manager of our Wing and Leighton Buzzard nurseries.  Delia Bostan, Manager of our Milton Keynes Central nursery, has been promoted to the Dual Site Manager position at our Milton Keynes Central and Fenny Stratford nurseries.

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Wing February News

What we’ve been up to… Last week’s adventures Last week the children had a fun filled week! They built their own houses at a construction site, visited a racetrack and even visited dinosaurs at the dinosaur zoo! These experiences helped the children to practice their counting, learn about how buildings are constructed and what dinosaurs used to eat.Many interesting and thought-provoking conversations were had. Chinese New Year To celebrate Chinese New Year the children learnt about the festival and the

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Wing nursery

Wing January News

What we’ve been up to… Hedgehogs Our hedgehogs have recently been looking at the weather. We have sang songs such as pitter patter rain drops, watched the rain from our window dropping down the glass and even done our own rain drop paintings using paint, water and washing up liquid. These type of focused learning opportunities help to develop children’s understanding or the world and communication and language. Squirrels Squirrels’ book of the week this week was ‘The Very Hungry

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Christmas elf

Wing December News

What we’ve been up to… Decorating our Christmas tree In the pre-school we used loose parts and coloured chalk to decorate our Christmas tree. The children developed their teamworking and communication skills by working together to decorate the tree. They really enjoyed it! Previous Next The adventures of our cheeky elf The children have really enjoyed discovering what our cheeky elf has been up to each day. Here he is having a bath and roasting marshmallows by a campfire. Read

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