Children’s Mental Health Week

Girls playing with leaves

Supporting your child’s mental health

It is becoming more well-known that mental health is just as important as physical health. As it is Children’s Mental Health Week, we’ve listed a few things that you can do with your child to support their mental health while at home. 

Set aside dedicated worry time

If your child often worries about different things it may be useful to set aside some dedicated time to talk these worries through with your child. Use this time each day to reassure them or discuss how you can work together to overcome these worries. 

Encourage them to challenge their thoughts

Whenever your child has a negative thought sit down together and write it down. Help your child to challenge any negative or unhelpful thoughts and come up with more positive and helpful thoughts to replace them. 

Promote Openness

It’s important to encourage openness from an early age. By regularly engaging in open conversations with your child about their feelings and the feelings of others you can help your child understand that it is ok to talk about how they are feeling. 

Three good things

Encourage your child to think of three good things that have happened at the end of each day. This helps them to maintain a positive mindset and have a good night’s sleep.


Whatever you choose to do to support your child’s mental health and emotional wellbeing, comforting them and making them aware that you are always there for them will help them to feel happy, content and loved.