Early years home learning ideas

Children cooking

Searching for home learning ideas to enrich your child’s day during the current lockdown? Below we have shared some ideas for you, so you can continue your children’s learning journey at home. 

Everyday learning opportunities at home

Children are more likely to become engaged in learning opportunities if they feel that they are relevant to them. By involving your child in the everyday chores around your home you are not only teaching them valuable life lessons, but you could also see it as an opportunity to develop your child’s mathematical, literacy or communication skills. 

Other potential learning opportunities around the home include helping to wash the car or helping to do some gardening. 

Release your child’s inner mathematician

Develop their language skills

Get creative

Girl painting

Get cooking

Children cooking

We have a range of healthy recipes that you can get cooking with your children. Getting your children involved in the kitchen not only encourages them to be creative but it also encourages them to try new flavours and textures. It is proven that children who are involved in cooking meals are more likely to develop healthy eating habits. 

Get active

Baby girl standing outside

While we may be restricted to where we can and what we can do, you can still get out and enjoy the fresh air. Whatever the weather, wrap up warm and enjoy the great outdoors with your children. Visit your local park or perhaps discover new places within your local area that you haven’t come across before. 

Hungry Little Minds

The Government’s Hungry Little Minds campaign offers a whole range of ideas to engage learning with your child at home. The website offers inspiration on things that you can do with your child to keep them occupied when they are not in nursery.



Your time spent at home can allow you to create lasting memories with your loved ones during this challenging time.