Fenny Stratford May Nursery News

we are going on a bear hunt learning opportunity at Fenny Stratford

What we've been up to...

Baby room

Room changes

In the baby room we have had some changes.

We have new additions to the room, we have got a new sofa, floor lights and a tepee! 

The babies have been loving cuddles on the sofa and have also loved sitting in the tepee looking at books. We are also swapping our cribs for sleep pods to give more of a cosy feel.
We are adding family photos and would love to display our baby’s families on our designated sleep area. Please can our baby parents send a photo to Zoe for us to print and display. Thank you.

Fenny Stratford baby room
Fenny Stratford baby room
Fenny Stratford baby room
natural resources at Fenny Stratford

What have we been doing?

The babies have been learning about the different types of weather though sensory learning opportunities.

They have also enjoyed ice play, using multi-coloured ribbon with blocks and using metal pots and pans with wooden spoons to create thunder.

Toddler room

Room changes

On another weekend, staff came in to repaint the toddler room (green and grey), we are currently repainting the nappy room and you’ve guessed it green and grey.

Children have loved the new layout with new toys and resources.

Toddlers are making a family picture wall and are also requesting family photos. They are also making family books if our toddler’s families could please email Zoe family photos, extended family can also be included. Please send images with name tags, thank you.

Fenny Stratford toddler room
natural learning opportunity at Fenny Stratford

What have we been doing?

The toddlers have loved participating in a tea party, parents you may have seen the photo on Famly. 

The children loved the teddy bears picnic and have also enjoyed exploring the home corner, making food for each other and feeding the baby dolls.


Room changes

Kelsey has settled very well into our team! And the children love spending time with her, Kelsey has now got key children and will inform her key parents in the weeks to come.

Pre-school has also been painted! Any guesses?  Yes green and grey how did you know?

The children also have new low units with new resources and toys.

natural resources and letters at Fenny Stratford
natural resoucres and mirrored numbers at Fenny Stratford

What have we been doing?

As the time comes close for our school leavers to leave pre-school, we have been focusing on phonics, numbers and shapes. In the next few weeks we will be focusing on name writing and focusing attention during story time.

Deadline for photos is Monday 7th June 2021. Please email Carrie (info@photographybycarrie.co.uk) with your orders.