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England flag being painted

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Sadly, we have said goodbye to Jho (Baby room lead) and Kalisha (Toddler practitioner). They have both moved on and are working in schools. We wish them the best of luck on their new adventures. However, you may still see Kalisha as she has become bank staff during term times. 

We would also like to say congratulations to Chanelle (Pre-school room lead) on her promotion to Third in Charge. 

Pre-school will be welcoming Kelsey to their room as a new practitioner. She will be staring her new role at the end of the month.

Delia at Milton Keynes

Welcoming a new dual site manager

We are delighted to announce that one of our experienced nursery managers has been promoted to a Dual Site Manager position.

Delia Bostan, Manager of our Milton Keynes Central nursery, has been promoted to the Dual Site Manager position at our Milton Keynes Central and Fenny Stratford nurseries.

Find out more here.


Ladybirds have been a busy bunch, we have enjoyed sensory play in water with different textures such as soap foam, seashells, gloopy water and glitter water. We have been splashing around having so much fun.

For Ramadan we made star and moon mobiles with glitter to hang up. We also enjoyed star and gloop sensory play and have enjoyed feeling different textures.

For St George’s day we made flags with pens and were able to make a connection with the marks that we had made.

“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.” ~ William Arthur Ward

fenny stratford sensory play
caterpillars and dinosaur exploration at Fenny Stratford


Caterpillars have been exploring dinosaurs after one child showed interest. Natasha built on this and decided to include dinosaurs all week! The toddlers had a dino swamp experiment using baking powder combined with food colouring and vinegar. The children were amazed when the swamp started to bubble!

For St. George’s Day the toddlers made flags using paint, showing an interest in the marks that they had made. Toddlers also enjoyed small world areas which had been set up with dragons and princesses using natural resources. This opportunity helped the children to understand more about St. George.

Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein.


In pre-school we have been celebrating Ramadan and St. Georges day.

For Ramadan, the children decorated hands with loose parts henna, we even tried dates at snack and enjoyed making fruit kebabs. The children also read books relating to the Islamic faith and learnt about fasting.

For St. George’s day pre-school have also made flags with the choice of different media including paint, pens, pencils, glue and red stripes. The children have also had fun with a small world of dragons, princesses and knights.

After reading the story of St George one child said ‘When I grow up, I am going to be a knight’ – C.C age 3.

Pre- school have also made flags with the choice of different media including paint, pen, pencils, glue and red strips.

England flag being painted