Leighton Buzzard December News


What we’ve been up to…

Baby room

In the baby room this month we have been using a variety of natural resources when being creative. This has involved the children using their fine motor and gross motor skills, moving their hands in different directions to create some lovely artwork. We also explored a winter wonderland with ice coloured playdough, pinecones, pine branches and arctic animals. This encouraged the children to mould the playdough into different shapes and use their fine motor skills.


Toddler room

In the toddler room this month we have been using our fine motor skills to thread beads onto pipe cleaners to create some lovely Christmas tree decorations. In addition to this we have taken part in messy ice play which helps sensory development. Our toddlers have also created some lovely things to share with their families.


Pre-school room

In pre-school we have created snowmen using playdough and used natural resource to finish off our creations. We have really enjoyed reading the Gruffalo’s child which led to a scene being set up on our small world table. The children have also been developing their hand-eye-coordination by threading beads onto thread.

In both the toddler room and the pre-school the children have been learning to sign ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’. They have all done well with this and picked it up very quickly.