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About our Oxley Park nursery

Our Oxley Park nursery is a friendly nursery and pre-school with a capacity of 107. We are located within an 8-minute drive from Milton Keynes Central train station which is ideal for commuters. We are also located next to a park which has a lake and offers plenty of opportunities to go and explore the local area.

Our lively nursery is fun and exciting, we plan individual learning around the child’s interests and gain knowledge from parents about what the children like to do at home to help with each child’s development.

We cater for babies from 3 months up to children of school age and aim to follow the child’s routine when they start coming to our nursery to ensure the transition is easier. We understand that every child is different, so work on settling in children on an individual needs’ basis. We have circle time twice a day, where we all sit together. This allows the children the opportunity to tell us all about themselves. We have two Spanish lessons a day one in the morning and one in the afternoon, this gives all the children the opportunity to learn.

Our children are served seasonal healthy food which has been made by our own on-site chef. The children have two healthy snacks a day 10am and 2pm and we provide the children with a hearty lunch at 12pm and light bites for tea at 4pm.  We cater for any dietary requirement and support the weaning process for babies.


We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which supports all areas of development for children from three months to school age. Each child is allocated a key person and they monitor each child’s individual progress and plan key activities to support development in all areas of their learning. Throughout the week we do PE and Yoga with the children along with making sure we are hitting their developmental milestones.

We have four bright spacious rooms that are separated into dedicated areas for the different age ranges to ensure we offer tailored learning and experiences. We have a dedicated baby room, two toddler rooms, and a pre-school. Both the inside and outside areas of this nursery build upon the children’s interests and aim to stimulate the children’s curiosity using natural resources and open-ended play. Our aim is to provide the highest quality of care and education in a fun environment allowing our children to learn through play.

Our baby room is a dedicated area for babies. This area is large room supporting all the age ranges, so our babies can learn and develop in their own environment.

We are flexible with our approach, and depending on confidence and ability of some of our babies, they are able to move up to the toddler room sooner.

This room is a fun and lively environment. We use a curiosity approach to encourage the children and aim to minimise the use of plastic and focus on natural resources and real-life objects, as we feel children learn best from real experiences.

The preschool has been specifically designed for the requirements of children from 3 years old until they take the next step up to school. We use a curiosity approach to support children with their education, social skills, and preparation for school. We encourage our children to be independent and teach them every-day social skills such as sharing and listening and work with each child, so they are able to follow instructions, build friendships, help others, work together and build upon their own confidence.

Our outdoor areas provide a stimulating outdoor learning environment for our children to explore. We offer two outside areas, one for children under 2 years old and one for 2-5-year olds.


Catering for:

  • Babies from 3 months
  • Toddlers from 2 - 3 years
  • Pre-school from 3 to school age​


  • Babies: 27
  • Toddlers: 28
  • Pre-school: 40

Opening Times:

  • Monday-Friday: 7.30am-6pm
  • 51 weeks of the year
  • We close on Bank Holidays and over Christmas


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