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Nursery team updates

Change in nursery manager:

We are delighted to announce that three members of our nursery team have been promoted:

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Mother's Day crafts

When making our Mother’s Day cards we focused on the process over the product.

We provided a variety of flowers and offered ideas but ultimately allowed the children’s choice to lead the way.

This invitation to create provided an array of learning opportunities but most importantly it didn’t portray a production line of mass produced identical Mother’s Day cards.

British Science Week

From 5th to 14th March it was British Science Week. The team offered the children a variety of learning opportunities which linked to British Science Week.

The children used pipettes to capture coloured water before making predictions about what would happen when colours are mixed.

As well as being an enjoyable experience, the opportunity helped the children to strengthen their fine motor skills, pincer grip and hand eye coordination.

LB Science Week

World Book Day

As an extension to Fairtrade Fortnight and an introduction
to World Book Day we made vegetable soup. The children had lots of fun learning how to to chop vegetables safely.

This also supported our story of the week ‘What I do with vegetable glue’ which promotes independence, self-care and food safety.

Two of the team also dressed up as the ‘Smeds and the Smoos’ – one of the children’s favourite stories.

LB World Book Day 1
Leighton Buzzard fairtrade book day 3