March Millway Nursery News

Millway Nursery

What we've been up to...

Climbing trees

The children have been testing out their climbing skills, on the Willow tree in our garden.

The children were seeing who could climb the highest and figuring out how to climb and navigate up the tree.  

This was a great risk-taking play opportunity where the children were able to take manageable risks with guidance and supervision from our staff.

This promoted the children’s sense of their own  strength, their limitations, and sense of self.


Mark making with sticks and flour

Look at these amazing marks the children have been making  in flour using sticks.

They have been practising writing letters, making patterns and developing fine motor control.

This opportunity allowed the children to create marks in different ways rather than just paper and pencil.

Term dates

The last day of term before the Easter holidays will be Friday 26th March.

We will be reopening at the start of the Spring term on Monday 12th April.