March Oxley Park Nursery News

What we've been up to...

World Book Day

On World Book Day the children brought one of their favourite book’s Harry Saves the Ocean to life and helped Harry the mouse clear up the ocean.

By establishing good habits like recycling at a young age, these habits are more likely to stick with children as they get older.

Younger generations are already becoming more conscious consumers, and instilling environmental values at a young age will help.

Encouraging an interest in the outdoors will allow the children to appreciate what they love about the environment.

Children are our future, so it’s important to teach them about environmental issues so they can continue to help create change together.

Access to loose parts

In all of our rooms our children have full access to a range of loose parts where they can explore and use them to develops skills across all areas of development.

This is a child-led approach, and helps children strengthen their independence and sense of self. 

It helps children observe, enquire, investigate, construct, deconstruct and engage with both other people and the world around them.

Self-made fun

Earlier this month the children created their own fun by making their own basketball hoop.

The children used their creativity and imagination to come up with the game and they were able to take it in turns to share the fun.

When children play, they learn and will use their initiative and come up with games and stories.

Real play is self-directed where children can organise learning themselves.

Child-initiated play nurtures creativity and develops imagination. It enables children to think outside the box to solve problems on their own or with their peers.