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Cosy home corners

Our pre-school and toddler room leaders, Tristan and Jake, have been adapting their rooms this month to make the home corners cosier, warmer and more welcoming.

They have both created areas to showcase the work of our budding young artists. Artwork with be framed and displayed for two weeks  and rotated to allow every child to proudly display their creations.

Please do continue to send in family photos for use to make the nursery rooms as homely as possible. 

PRDN Artwork Display
PRDN Artwork Display

Toddlers express themselves

Last week the toddlers were busy getting creative! They all got into ‘puddle suits’ and got stuck in painting.

The children used their whole bodies to create marks all over the paper and used descriptive words to describe the textures.


The children talked about the colours that they chose to use and discussed the different colours that they could make by mixing the paints together.

The children’s masterpiece has been kept and will be made into a banner for the toddler room.

PRDN Red Nose Day

Pyjama Day for Red Nose Day

All our children came in their pyjamas for Red Nose Day. The had lots of fun comparing the colours and patterns of each other’s pyjamas and enjoying a range of craft opportunities. 

St. Patrick's Day

On St. Patrick’s Day the children enjoyed reading stories and getting creative.

The learning opportunities on offer helped the children to learn about St Patrick’s Day and the meaning behind the celebration.

The children used their imaginations and fingertips to make rainbows. They also had the opportunity to develop their fine motor skills by using scissors safely under supervision.

PRDN St Patrick's Day

Mother's Day bouquets

The toddlers had so much fun creating their own flower bouquets.

The children were able to choose as many flowers as they wanted from a variety of different types.

This promoted free choice and independence and gave the children confidence to choose and create.

The opportunity also sparked conversations amongst the children about who cares for them, why they love them and all the things that they do.

Celery painting Mother's Day cards

The children enjoyed getting creative with celery when making their cards for Mother’s Day!

They used celery to print different marks onto their cards. The children joined in with discussions about Mother’s Day and who they were going to give their cards to.

The children thoroughly enjoyed using the celery to print, talking about the smell and textures. One child said, ‘its bumpy!’. While painting, the children spotted that the bottom of the celery looked like a flower. The children used all parts of the celery and investigated with the different patterns each part makes.

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St David's Day at Princes Risborough Day Nursery

St. David's Day

The children enjoyed painting their own interpretations of daffodils to celebrate St David’s Day.

They had lots of fun discovering the smell and texture of the daffodils as well as painting what they could see.

This learning opportunity helped to develop the children’s understanding of the world by teaching them about the growth and decay of plants.

World Book Day

World Book Day in the toddler room

On World Book Day we provided many different learning opportunities for the toddlers to enjoy all based on their favourite stories.

Two table opportunities were set up for the children to explore, ‘Dear Greenpeace’ and ‘Animal Music’

The aim of the ‘Dear Greenpeace’ opportunity was for the children to understand the use of letters, envelopes, and stamps, posting them through the letterbox and delivering them to others.

The intention of the ‘Animal Music’ table was for the children to explore the different sounds that instruments make and how they can use them.

We also provided a bookmark making opportunity to support the children’s fine motor skills and building strength in their fingers, wrists, and hands.

The children used a range of resources to create their own individual bookmarks.

PRDN Toddlers World Book Day
Princes Risborough Day Nursery Toddlers World Book Day

World Book Day in the pre-school

To celebrate World Book Day in pre-school the children enjoyed listening to ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story while making their very own hungry caterpillars.

The children used scissors under adult supervision to cut the card which helped to develop their fine motor skills.

PRDN pre-school World Book Day