March Swanbourne Nursery News

What we've been up to...

World Book Day

All of our children dressed up and participated in storytelling learning opportunities throughout the week.

Hannah went the extra mile and came in dressed as The Fantastic Mr Fox! She read stories to the children throughout the day, offered opportunities to explore story bags and used props to support her storytelling.

Messy play

This red crazy foam was a great learning opportunity to support our children’s fine motor skills as they manipulated the foam into various shapes.

We rolled the foam into balls, stretched it and squashed it between our fingers.

Some of the children rolled the foam into balls and placed it on their noses too, giving themselves and the practitioners red noses for Red Nose Day!

Messy Play Red Nose Day Swanbourne

Visiting the allotment

Our bulbs are growing and Spring has arrived!

The children have spent a lot of time in the allotment exploring new growth and plant life. All children have visited the allotment this month with set learning intentions.

We have been making breakfast for our friends in the mud kitchen, den building, focusing on balance and enclosing spaces.

We have also been exploring opportunities to take managed risks by climbing in our laurel tree. 

We also went across to the farm to play eye spy. Some of the things that the children pointed out were the tractors, trailers, cows, ponies, sheds, gates, straw and the famers sheep dog.

Parents can do this at home too! Simply make a list of objects that you may find when you are out on a walk and tick them off as you go. 

Swanbourne visiting the farm
Swanbourne allotment 2

Team news

We would like to give a MASSIVE WELL DONE to Lucy B who has recently qualified her Early Years Level 3.

We would also like to give a warm welcome to Lucy R (pictured) who has recently joined to Foals team. She is getting on really well with all the children and the team.

Big news! Liz, the nursery manager of Swanbourne will be going on maternity leave in May in preparation for welcoming her second baby. Congratulations Liz!