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What we’ve been up to…

“Going on a bear hunt”

Our caterpillar children thoroughly enjoyed listening to the ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ story.

The children were able to repeat phrases such as: “We can’t go over it”, “we can’t go under it” and “tiptoe, tiptoe”.

To extend the children’s learning further, staff provided a visual display. This gave the children the opportunity to use their senses to experience the different textures, answer open-ended questions, add in new obstacles and to re-tell parts of the story in their own way.

Milton Keynes Nursery
Milton Keynes Nursery

Our new pet fish

The pre-school children have been really excited about the arrival of their new pet fish; offering opportunities for the children to show care and concern for living things, develop their vocabulary and share ideas with each other.

The children enjoyed watching the fish entering the water, swimming around and exploring their new environment. Together the children discussed what they would like to name the fish, deciding on Jonathon, Donnie, Diggy, Tango and Star.

We spoke as a group about how we need to care for the fish, explaining how we clean the water and how we feed them.

This offered opportunity to initiate conversation, taking account of what others were saying, allowing the children to use more complex sentences.

One child explained, “I like the name Star because it’s like the stars in the sky”.

Milton Keynes Nursery
Milton Keynes Nursery


We ask that you please inform us immediately if your child or anyone in your household is displaying COVID-19 symptoms.

Weather-appropriate clothing

Can we please remind you to provide weather appropriate clothing. This includes wellington boots and rain coats so that the children can access learning outdoors regardless of weather.

Family photos

Please could you email us your family photos so we are able to include these in our family books and multicultural display.

Famly Online Learning Journeys

We have transitioned to Famly Online Learning Journeys and your feedback has been absolutely amazing. We will continue to record children’s progress and upload photographic evidence.

If you could please contribute with adding home observations it would be fantastic and much appreciated as this will enable us to extend on their learning and ensure a two way communication flow and build on  our partnership with you.

Milton Keynes Nursery
Milton Keynes Nursery

Support with childcare costs

If you require help with the cost of childcare there is support available including:

  • Tax-free childcare,
  • Childcare employer voucher,
  • Universal credit or childcare element of Working Tax Credit,
  • Care to learn
  • Grants to support higher education.

More information can be found:

Internal audit score of 100%

We are delighted to share with you that we have achieved 100% to an internal quality audit.

New staff member

We would like to welcome our new member of staff, Nisha, who joined us this month.
Nisha is a passionate early years practitioner and she is excited to be part of the team.

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