Natural Resources



natural resources

Versatile use

Activity set up at Fenny Stratford nursery


Leighton Buzzard Nursery

Promote curiosity

Millway Nursery
Child painting with flowers at Swanbourne nursery

Natural Resources

At Ashbourne Day Nurseries, we are strong advocates of using natural resources.

We believe that natural resources are not only more environmentally friendly and less toxic for our children, but that they also offer more interesting learning opportunities for the early years age groups.

Our experience shows us that natural resources encourage creativity and imagination in young children as well as stimulating curiosity, they also do not restrict a children’s learning development by only being able to be used for their intended purpose.

Real-life objects give real experiences

To support children with their education, social skills, and preparation for school we find that natural resources and real-life objects can help them to develop fine motor skills and to express their thoughts and ideas as they explore the items. We believe that children learn best from real experiences and can gain a greater understanding of weight, shape, and space. We always encourage our children to use their imagination when they are playing with the resources as this develops their play.

By having real-life items in our nursery settings, children can expand their imaginative play. This encourages them to think about how the objects can be used or what they can represent rather than using them for set purposes. Utilising a variety of materials within our nurseries provides different looks, textures and smells, all of which are important in supporting our children in creating structures and developing physical skills, through body movements such as climbing and balancing.

children playing
Oxley Park nursery

More opportunities with natural resources

A resource such as a cardboard box can hold unlimited opportunities for imaginative play, and children tend to gravitate towards these items for that very reason.

A toy telephone is just a telephone, but a cardboard box can be a house, a car, a rocket or a tunnel!

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