Our Milton Keynes Central nursery is rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted

our mud kitchen in MKC nursery

We’re delighted to announce that our Milton Keynes Central nursery has been awarded the ‘Good’ standard by Ofsted. The nursery team have worked incredibly hard to ensure that the children receive the very best care and learning experiences possible even during the Coronavirus pandemic.  

Commenting on our Milton Keynes Central nursery manager, Delia Bostan, Ofsted stated: 

“The manager takes responsibility for the quality of care and education. She brings out the best in her staff team through the creation of a positive working environment. The manager acts with integrity to ensure that all children, especially those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), make the most of their access to early education.” 


The inspector said that the arrangements for safeguarding at our Milton Keynes Central nursery are effective. She said: 

“The manager ensures that safeguarding is an important part of everyday life in the nursery. Staff demonstrate a secure understanding of how to safeguard and protect children and have a good knowledge of all aspects of safeguarding matters. This knowledge is updated on a regular basis through training and quizzes at staff meetings. The manager checks staff knowledge, presenting them with scenarios to test out what issues they would identify and how they would seek help and refer to the safeguarding lead. Robust recruitment procedures help to ensure that staff are suitable. Staff complete regular risk assessments on the environment to identify and act on any hazards.” 


Ofsted noted that the children enjoy a calm and well-organised environment, and they also have great relationships with the nursery team, stating:  

“Children enjoy a calm and well-organised environment. Staff are good role models and know how to manage any difficult behaviours in young children. Children have very good relationships with staff. For example, two children were so delighted to see the deputy manager that they ran to hug her.”

The inspector also agreed that the nursery team follow the interests of the children when setting out different learning opportunities each day. She said:  

 “Children enjoy activities based on what they know and can do because staff fully understand how to follow children’s interests. For example, young children explore the contents of teabags, mix the leaves with water and refine their physical skills as they pour their potions into teapots.”  


You can read the full Ofsted report here

Take a look at our Milton Keynes Central nursery here.