Our Superheroes

Our superheroes

Recognition to all the Ashbourne Day Nurseries Team

As we are aware when the Government announced another national lockdown on 4th January, they advised that parents and carers would still be able to access early years childcare. This is recognition of the key role we play in society and allows us to continue to provide your children with the consistency and routine that they need during this difficult time.

The earliest years are the most crucial point of child development and attending an early years setting lays the foundations for lifelong learning and supports children’s social and emotional development.

We can continue to support those parents and carers who are critical or key workers as well as those who are working from home to provide education, wellbeing, and socialisation for their children in a safe COVID-secure environment.

A huge thank you!

We know that we have a strong team, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank every single member of the Ashbourne Day Nurseries team, in each of our 15 nurseries, and acknowledge their continued hard work, support and dedication at this challenging time. Our nursery teams have maintained positivity and professionalism and have stood-up to this new challenge. Our superheroes wear invisible capes.

  • We would like to thank Kellie and the team at our Bricket Wood nursery who have been able to offer emergency childcare to local parents whose nursery unfortunately had to close.
  • A big thank you to Gabby and the team at our Wing nursery who have continued liaising with the school in order to keep the breakfast and afterschool clubs open.
  • We would like to show our appreciation to Sam and the team at Oxley Park for accommodating lots of extra sessions to support parents who continue to work during the lockdown.
  • Our gratefulness goes out to Sarah and the team at Fenny Stratford for their effort in providing the engaging opportunities for children to stimulate their curiosity across all areas of the early years curriculum.
  • Thank you to Jordan and the team at both our nurseries in Princes Risborough for continuing with their ever-enthusiastic approach to this lockdown with just as much vigour as that in the first.
  • We would like to take the opportunity to thank Jodi and her teams at Upton Meadows and Millway for continuing to offer wraparound childcare for school aged children who are attending the on-site school provision during the lockdown to support critical workers.
  • We would also like to acknowledge the hard work of the Leavesden nursery team and Nic, with a special mention to Dion, they have risen to the challenges that this lockdown has presented, continuing to develop the nursery while supporting the parents and children.
  • A special mention to Liz and the team at our Swanbourne nursery for being able to accommodate the extra sessions that the parents and carers need at the nursery.
  • We would like to say a big thank you to Zoe and our Leighton Buzzard nursery team, for continuing to provide engaging and stimulating environments for children to play and learn across all areas of the early years curriculum.
  • Sending thanks to Jamie and both teams at our Barking and Dagenham nurseries for supporting each other during these times. Barking, Dagenham and Redbridge have had some of the highest numbers of COVID cases and they have avoided the spread within both nurseries.
  • We would like to thank Delia and all the team at Milton Keynes Central for continuing to prioritise raising standards to ensure children access high quality learning opportunities.
  • Thank you to Erica and the team at Epping, our parents have been supportive and grateful for the nursery being open.

Why were early years childcare being kept open?

The Department for Education has shared its rationale behind keeping nurseries open. The wider restrictions in place across the country are enough to contain the spread of the virus in each community which enables early year childcare providers to remain open and consequently, allowing us to support parents and carers by delivering the crucial care and education needed for our youngest children.

Early years settings remain low risk environments for children and staff. 0-5-year olds continue to have the lowest confirmed rates of coronavirus of all age groups, and there is no evidence that the new variant of coronavirus disproportionately affects young children. Evidence shows that pre-school children are less susceptible to infection and are not playing a driving role in transmission. There is no evidence that the new strain of the virus causes more serious illness in either children or adults. There also continues to be strong evidence that children are much less susceptible to severe clinical disease than older people.