Our Values

Below you will be able to read about our values, R.I.C.H.E.R, which we embed into all aspects of life at Ashbourne Day Nurseries. 


We recognise individuals for their strengths and abilities that they contribute to the team. By listening fully, and striving to understand we value, we appreciate and respond to each other’s thoughts and feelings with dignity regardless of background and ability.


We will be honest and truthful in our approach at all times. Following the principles and values set out by Ashbourne Day Nurseries. We will be consistent in our approach, being positive role models and act honourably even when no one is watching. We will take accountability for our actions. Our moral and ethical practises will be consistent and measured.


We will work together for a shared vision that benefits the whole Ashbourne Day Nurseries team. Our actions will include both individual and group work to reach the common goal. We will use joined up thinking, sharing best practice which will benefit the whole company.


We strive to encourage a sense of trust in the workplace. Through courageous conversations, embracing a culture of honesty at all levels whilst ensuring a respectful approach. Being open to feedback from all levels.


Is the minimum we expect from our team all day every day. To give the best possible outcome for our children we must strive for the very best at all opportunities, starting with excellence in leadership to support and develop our teams, empowering a sense of ownership and pride in everything that we do.


We will acknowledge qualities and achievements of our teams. We recognise strengths and opportunities through regular support, mentoring, coaching, and training. Using both formal and informal opportunities to share gratitude for going above and beyond the normal expectations.