Oxley Park April Nursery News

Oxley park natural resources

What we've been up to...

Spending the day at the beach

Earlier this month the children at our Oxley Park nursery went to the beach!

The children had so much fun exploring the beach, catching fish and building sandcastles.

oxley park beach scenes
Digger land at oxley park

Exploring digger land in pre-school

The pre-school children had so much fun exploring the digger land that the nursery team had created for them.

They enjoyed transporting the bricks and vehicles across the bridges and into the mud. 

Enjoying the vegetable patch in our toddler room

In our ladybugs toddler room the children were introduced to the exciting concept of growing your own vegetables. 

The children enjoyed “planting” the vegetables and playing with the farm animals in the mud. 

Oxley park toddler vegetable patch
oxley park parachute

Learning teamwork through play

We used the parachute to teach the children about teamwork through a fun game.

The children had to keep the baby on top of the parachute without letting it fall off.

Learning to work as part of a team helps the children to hone many different social skills such as patience, empathy, communication, respect for others, compromise and tolerance. 

Making ice cream

This week the toddlers in ladybugs had a lot of fun playing in their very own ice cream parlour.

They used the scoops and cups to make some delicious ice cream for their friends.

This opportunity helped to improve the children’s fine motor skills as they poured the ice cream into bowls and cups.

Ice cream parlour making at Oxley Park

Making playdough

Last week the children had so much fun making their own playdough using natural resources found in the garden.

Playdough offers children endless opportunities to create whatever sparks their curiosity and imagination.

Oxley park natural resources
oxley park play dough