Princes Risborough Baby April Nursery News

rainbow activity at Princes Risborough Baby

What we've been up to...

New meet the team page

In response to the feedback given in the recent survey, we’ve created a new meet the team page.

Meet the friendly faces that are dedicated to providing high quality childcare to your children every day.

Find out about each staff member here.

meet the team at Princes Risborough
goldiclocks and the three bears story at Princes Risborough baby

Goldilocks and The Three Bears sensory play

The nursery team combined the children’s love of sensory play with one of their favourite stories ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ to create an engaging experience.

It was a brilliant sensory opportunity for the younger children while also being a great way for the older ones to develop their early literacy skills.
The team set up the porridge scene from the story using porridge oats, bowls and spoons.

They encouraged the children to scoop, fill and feel the textures of the oats, while the story was read to them.

Learning the colours of the rainbow

This month the children  have been learning all about different colours of the rainbow.
This learning opportunity provided the children with a variety of different areas of learning, from learning about the different colours of the rainbow to identifying and naming them.
The younger children also explored the texture and enjoyed the sensory experience of the cold paint.
The children had lots of fun getting messy!

rainbow activity at Princes Risborough Baby

Painting the sky

The children have been making the most of the recent lovely weather.
They used mirrors to look up at the sky and used a range of resources to create their own interpretations.
As well as being a creative experience for the children, it contributed to their understanding of the world around them.

painting the sky at princes risborough baby
painting the sky at princes risborough baby

Making flower dreamcatchers

The children had lots of fun making their own bread rolls.

The opportunity was provided in a COVID-secure way with each child being provided with their own piece of dough and all resources being sanitised before and after use.

The learning experience allowed the children to learn about the process of making bread while exploring the different textures.

The children also made marks in their dough to help them to identify their own.

flower dreamcatcher making at Princes Risborough Baby
creating flower dreamcatchers at princes risborough baby

Parent survey results

We’d like to thank all our families for taking the time to complete our recent survey. 

The results of the survey were emailed to families last week. 

We hope that you found it insightful and useful.