Princes Risborough Baby July Nursery News

musical learning opportunity at Princes Risborough Baby

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Earlier this month, we used paint in different ways. We tried to encourage our children to explore the textures of paint without getting messy.
We put some paper and paint into a bag and moved the paint around with our fingers. The children loved to explore the paint in this way. Practitioners exposed the children to different vocabulary to expand their knowledge and understanding, whilst also demonstrating to the children how to move the paint around and to show them different marks they could make.
We then followed the children’s interest and experimented with different cars to make marks in the paint.
The children loved looking at the different marks they were making and learning about the different colours they were using.
Rebecca also provided an opportunity for the children using vehicles and the slide. The children love to roll the vehicles down the slide and see how far they rolled.
Rebecca set up some paper on the slide and used different coloured paints and vehicles. The children then took it in turns to roll the vehicles down the slide after rolling them in the paint.
The children loved to see how they fast they rolled down, looking at the patterns the tyres made and also climbing up the steps to the top of the slide was great for their physical development.
creative and fun painting at Princes Risborough Baby
creative and fun painting at Princes Risborough Baby
Learning opportunity at Princes Risborough


The children have recently shown an interest in the magnets we use and have been experimenting with them, seeing where the magnets connect to each other.
Following on from their interests, we used different shaped magnets on a magnetic whiteboard and encouraged the children to explore and build their own structures.
The children were able to identify colours, shapes and began to build their own structures by themselves and alongside their peers.
This encouraged many social skills such as sharing, taking turns and playing with their peers.
It also helped to develop speech and their level of understanding with regards to shapes, colours and first words.

Wheels on the Bus

Our babies have loved listening and joining in with lots of different nursery rhymes.
One of our favourites is ‘Wheels on the Bus’, so the children helped us create our very own interactive bus.
The children enjoyed painting the bus as well as using the bus to help us sing the song. We opened and closed the door on the bus, made the wheels turn round and round, even doing ‘swish swish swish’ with the wipers on the front of the bus.
The children loved this interactive way of singing their favourite song.
We also set up a musical carpet with lots of different instruments and toys that represented different songs.
The children enjoyed exploring the musical instruments, by shaking, tapping and rolling the instruments on the floor.
This encouraged the children to move their bodies to sounds they enjoyed.
The older children enjoyed joining in the actions and helping to sing the words to some of their favourites.


Wheels on the bus at Princes Risborough Baby
musical learning opportunity at Princes Risborough Baby
Child being creative at Princes Risborough Baby

Play-doh and herbs

Recently, we enjoyed exploring with some yellow play-doh and some herbs that Caroline brought in for us.
The children loved to smell the herbs, feeling the different textures between the herbs and the play-doh and enjoyed cutting out shapes and rolling the play-doh.
This is a great opportunity for the children to explore as it developed their sense of smell and touch.
The children were able to tell us the colours they could see and some were describing the texture of the play-doh as soft and smooth.
We also loved getting messy by printing with play-doh cutters.
The children enjoyed looking at the different shapes and animals they had and mixing the colours together.
We had blue and red paint, the children were able to identify the paint was purple when they mixed the colours together.
We talked about the different animals we could see and where they lived, either in the sea, or in the jungle, or at home as pets.