Princes Risborough Baby May Nursery News

Princes Risborough baby nursery

What we've been up to...

Baking shortbread

This month the children made some lovely shortbread to take home with them.

The learning opportunity was carried out in a COVID friendly way with each child having their own bowl of ingredients to mix.

The children learnt about taking turns, following instructions, and enjoying the sensory experience.

little boy at princes Risborough using a rolling pin
superworm story next to soil cup at Princes Risborough Baby

Worm hunt

Last week the children went on a worm hunt to collect worms for their ‘Wormery’.

The children enjoyed exploring the sensory experience of handling soil and are beginning to learn about caring for small creatures.

This learning opportunity was further extended when Rebecca, a member of the nursery team, read the story ‘Superworm’ which introduced the children to new vocabulary.

Making our own umbrellas

The weather has been a bit wet and windy this week, so the children created their very own umbrellas with Zoe. 

They used lots of different sizes, colours and shapes of tissue paper and glue to stick create their very own style of umbrella.

4 paper umbrellas at Princes Risborough Baby
dinosaurs in box at Princes Risborugh baby

Creating dinosaur footprints

This week the children have been investigating different animals, looking at the different marks they make. 

The children created dinosaur footprints in paint with Zoe.

They learnt about the different colours they used and they also enjoyed the sensory experience of exploring the paint and dinosaurs with their hands.

Exploring a scene from 'The Gruffalo's Child'

This week the children went exploring in the garden where they found lots of different animals in the snow. They also had a go at making their own footprints too.

The children compared big footprints with small footprints and looked at the different shapes their feet made. 

Princes Risborough baby nursery