Princes Risborough Day July Nursery News

dinosaur learning opportunity at Princes Risborough

What we've been up to...

Toddler takeover!

Dinosaur land!
Earlier this month, our toddlers have been showing us that they really do observe all that we do.
This opportunity was completely child initiated and child led.

The children have seen us setting up opportunities that look very similar to this and decided that they wanted to create one of their own.

The children got all of the natural resources out and used tissue paper to create different objects.
Whilst setting up the opportunity we heard the children saying ‘that’s the jungle’ and ‘they are rocks’.
This supported so many areas of their development which they were able to provide for themselves!
We can’t wait to see what opportunities they decide to create next!
dinosaur learning opportunity at Princes Risborough
small friends holding hands

The importance of forming special friendships with peers

We have read lots of stories, listened to multiple songs and provided opportunities based around our British values and how we should be treating one another.
After the first day of providing these opportunities, we noticed that the children changed their interactions with each other, reading stories, supporting each other onto equipment and generally showing that they care!
The quote ‘We didn’t realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.’ – Winnie the Pooh, is such an important thing for us as adults to realise.
Children don’t focus on doing things for an intention, they play with one another because they are having fun.
Friendships support most areas of children’s development, helping with their social and emotional skills as well as relieving stress, overall making the children more responsive and much happier!