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Natural resources at Princes Risborough Day Nursery

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Colour monster

This month our toddlers showed particular interest in ‘The Colour Monster’ book.

The story is about a monster who is confused because he doesn’t know how to sort his feelings.

The monster sorts his feelings into jars and talks about why he feels each emotion – in the story each feeling is represented by a colour.

To expand on the story the team set up cardboard ‘jars’ and the children searched for items which matched each colour.

The nursery team talked to the children about their feelings, what makes them feel a certain way and what we can do to overcome it as well as supporting the children’s literacy and mathematical development.

Colour monster learning opportunity at Princes Risborough Day
Natural resources at Princes Risborough Day Nursery

Natural resources

By exposing the children to natural resources, we hoped to extend their play and learning, encouraging them to use their imaginations and develop problem solving skills.
We provided adult interaction throughout this opportunity, providing a narrative or answers to any questions that the children had.
The adults also provided demonstrative play for the children, role modelling different ways that we can use and manipulate all of the resources!
The children’s literacy was supported through the use of books, pictures, words and writing tools.
We supported the children’s physical development by providing many different resources that would require them to use different grasps/grips (pencils, pincers).
We encouraged maths by using wooden numbers as well as having the bugs or natural resources where they were able to count, group or put into size order!
The children thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity and it showed that children can develop and often thrive when using natural resources, allowing them to extend their own development, include their interests and relate their play to the real world.

Parent Reminder

Please can all parents provide the nursery with a family photo for us to display in our Natural Home areas.
Thank you.
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