Princes Risborough Day May Nursery News

Investigating mini beasts at Princes Risborough Day nursery

What we've been up to...

Growing sunflowers

Now that the weather is starting to get warmer we have started to grow our very own sunflowers.

The children had fun getting green fingered planting the seeds. They are enjoying watching the sunflowers grow each week and they cannot wait to see how big they grow.

Princes Risborough Day Nursery sunflowers
Princes Risborough Day Nursery fish tank

Our new fish tank

We have recently welcomed some new team members into our nursery.

Our new fish tank in reception is now home to a range of colourful fish.

The children love watching them and seeing what they get up to as they explore their environment. 

We are using this as an opportunity to teach the children about caring for animals and what they need to stay happy and healthy. 


Exploring our dinosaur small world

The children have loved exploring our dinosaur small world and using their imagination to create their own play experiences. 

Investigating mini beasts

The children have enjoyed investigating different mini beasts recently and learning their names.

They have been using magnifying glasses to take a closer look at the various creatures.

Princes Risborough Day Nursery dinosaur small world
Investigating mini beasts at Princes Risborough Day nursery