Princes Risborough February News


What we've been up to in our baby nursery...

Imaginative play

This month the children at the baby nursery enjoyed a lot of imaginative play.

We created experiences for the children which focused on animals to develop their understanding of the names of different animals, where they live and the noises that they make.

The children loved going to the animal box to choose the animals that they wanted to add to the experience.

Learning to count

The children have enjoyed a learning experience that combines mathematics with literacy.

We set up different amounts of shapes on the corresponding number mat which helped the children to identify what the quantity of each number looks like.

We also read the story from one of the children’s favourite counting books and asked them to find the same number of blocks on the mats.


Five little ducks

The children enjoyed a learning opportunity which encompassed their love of singing songs, animals and rain.

The team set up a tuff tray in our garden with a little water for the children to splash in while counting the ducks in the water and singing ‘5 Little Ducks’.

Our early years practitioners were with the children at all times, ensuring the children’s safety and encouraging the children to count the ducks while singing the song.

This learning opportunity encouraged the children to count while having fun and joining in with their favourite nursery rhymes.


What we've been up to in our day nursery...

Jungle themed experiences

The children in the toddler room enjoyed a range of jungle themed opportunities including mark making, role play, discussions, and stories.

We encouraged the children to choose their own resources to create different patterns.  

These experiences helped to develop the children’s understanding of the world and in particular animals that live in jungle environments. 


LGBTQIA+ Early Years Awareness Week

This week the toddlers have been having lots of fun creating their own faces.

We used different coloured paint to make many skin colours.

The aim of this opportunity was to spark conversations about our similarities and differences.

While the children created their own faces the team read the book, ‘You’re like me, I’m like you’. Thoughtful discussions were had about the similarities and differences we may have. They then began comparing each others creations, talking about hair, eye and skin colour . This helped to develop their understanding of different lifestyles, genders and appearances. 

We teach our children to understand that no one is the same and that everyone is unique, whether it be our skin colour, hair colour, gender or religion etc.

This week the pre-school children read the book ‘Elmer’ and created their own Elmer elephants.

This learning opportunity gave the children an understanding of how we are all different but that everyone should have be included and have opportunities available to them.

The experience also enabled the children to develop their fine motor skills by using their pincer grips to pick up each individual piece of tissue paper.

Once they had all made their Elmer, the children had discussions about how they were different from each other.

This was a very insightful and enjoyable opportunity for the children.


World Book Day - 4th March

Don’t forget that it’s World Book Day on Thursday 4th March. Dress your little ones up as their favourite characters, they will enjoy a range of book-related experiences. 

New reviews page

Thank you to all of those families who have left us a review on We have showcased a few of the reviews on our website

Recommend a Friend Scheme Relaunch

We have now revamped the Recommend a Friend scheme so you are now able to earn up to 50% off one of your monthly fees.

For all the details, please visit here.

Promoting Healthy Eating in the Early Years

Do you sometimes find it a struggle to encourage your little ones to eat a healthy balanced diet. We’ve written a blog post which looks at strategies to help entice young children into trying something new. You can read the blog post here.

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