Swanbourne April Nursery News

Swanbourne nursery rainbow tuff tray

What we've been up to...

This month we have been busy bees, planting in our nature area which is outside our reception. This will provide much needed plants for minibeasts ready for the beginning of Spring and the Save the Bees campaign. 

Nature sensory play

The babies have planted sunflower seeds to save the bees, offering an opportunity for sensory exploration. They have also explored textures such as pinecones, leaves and bark in their nature tree tuff tray.
Natural sensory play at Swanbourne
planting sunflower seeds at Swanbourne

Learning about birds

We have focused a lot on the local wildlife, taking a particular interest in the birds.

Sarah has brought in her RSPB birds to encourage discussion and spark awe and wonder.

Leading on from this, we have been able to identify blue tits, sparrows, house martins, pigeons, magpies, gold finches and black birds in our nursery gardens!

The children have been feeding the birds regularly and for Earth Day 2021 on Thursday 22nd April, we will be making our very own natural feeders using pine cones, lard and sunflower seeds.

first book of garden birds with bird teddys at swanbourne

Problem solving and critical thinking

The toddlers in our Lambs room have been focusing on problem solving and critical thinking. Using a variety of cause and effect resources to support this and to develop their fine motor skills in the process.

They have been exploring shape sorters, pop-up toys and lock and latch boards. All of these resources support fine motor movements to twist, turn, push, pull, switch, lock and latch.

problem solving at Swanbourne
problem solving at Swanbourne

This month at the allotment

With warmer weather this month, all of our children have taken the opportunity to visit the allotment. Observing the effects of spring with new growth and plant life.

Our daffodil bulbs have all started to grow and we are measuring their growth, waiting for their beautiful yellow flowers to bloom!

At the beginning of the month we went to the allotment for an Easter egg hunt too! We hid a variety of eggs in different colours and sizes for our children to search for.

easter egg hunt at Swanbourne allotment
easter egg hunt at Swanbourne allotment

Getting creative

Our Kittens children have been exploring and using media and materials to experiment with colour, texture and mark-making.

They have created some fantastic tuff trays this month in line with this, to offer new learning opportunities to develop curious minds.

Swanbourne nursery rainbow tuff tray
Swanbourne tuff tray about space