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Beach-themed tuff tray

Issy set up a beautiful beach themed tuff tray in our kittens room with the intention of sparking children’s curiosity, awe and wonder.

This activity supported our children’s communication and language skills. They discussed the variety of textures offered, named the animals and objects they could find and talked about which animals you may find in the ocean with coastal habitats.

We also took this opportunity to support the social and emotional development of our children by recalling past events. Reflecting on and sharing memories of our summer adventures.

Natural woodland tuff tray

Our natural woodland tuff tray created awe and wonder, sparking our children’s curious minds this month.

The tray included natural objects such as wood chippings, leaves, pine cones, cork and sprouts. The tray had a beautiful pine aroma which the children identified as “smelling like the forest”.

All age groups had the opportunity to explore these materials. Using tools, such as scoops, spoons, egg boxes and bottles for the children to practise filling and emptying containers.

To further challenge and extend this we introduced big plastic tweezers to promote fine motor skills.

Some of the children pretended they were having a tea party with the crockery and saucepans which in turn supported their social and emotional development. This activity also promoted communication and language skills, encouraging interaction between the children, offering cues to share resources and engage in imaginative play.

Swanbourne nursery
Swanbourne nursery

Muddy adventures

The children took full advantage of the muddy puddles on a recent trip to the allotment and spontaneously created their own “skiing adventure”.

Each child took turns travelling through the mud, exploring movement in a variety of ways.

The rich, engaging sensory play which mud offers, allows our children to express their creativity and imaginative skills while enhancing their fine and gross motor skills.

They also practiced social skills such as cooperation, negotiation, communication, and sharing as they worked together.

Swanbourne nursery
Swanbourne nursery