Swanbourne September Nursery News

cows in swanbourne farm

What we've been up to...

Allotment area

Over the summer our nursery team and children have been working hard to develop the allotment area.

The children have continued to lay a path using small slabs, stones and wooden pieces. We have observed and monitored the comings and goings in our dipping pond and are delighted to find we now have a frog in residence!

Our wooden tepee is coming along nicely and we regularly find some good branches and sticks to add to it, making it a great place to hide or hold important meetings.

Our most recent development is the addition of a tyre swing which our older children have been learning to use safely and have great fun!

cows in swanbourne farm
Swanbourne mud kitchen in the alotment
Swanbourne stick den in the garden
Swanbourne tyre swing in the allotment
Swanbourne allotment with cows

We currently have cabbage, brussell sprouts and cauliflower growing in our allotment at the moment!