The Potential of a Brick…

child learning
At Ashbourne Day Nurseries we recognise the importance of supporting children to learn through play. We do this by following the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, and we provide a range of opportunities that allow children to explore their interests, learn and develop in all areas.

While a plastic dinosaur is great fun, it will always be a plastic dinosaur! A building block will be used for much more than building towers. Children’s imaginations are wonderful, a wooden block will be used as a telephone, camera, train, birthday cake, spaceship… the potential is endless!

Building blocks of different kinds are available as part of our continuous provision, children can access them throughout the day and use them in any way their curiosity and interests take them.

Our dedicated practitioners identify an area of development and create a learning opportunity for the children, examples are using bricks to count and match colours, developing mark-making skills by printing, creating small world environments, and supporting imaginary play.

Let’s not forget how much fun it is to build a tower and knock it down, this simple activity supports counting, size comparison, balance, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and muscle development in fingers, hands, wrists, arms, elbows and shoulders.

This week we have also picked our blackberries from the allotment and made fruit faces with these for our snack, harvested courgettes from the garden and added these to our vegetable stir fry!

The children participated in a musical group time where they had the opportunity to explore different instruments.