Upton Meadows May Nursery News

children looking in to a box with their hoods up in the garden at Upton Meadows

What we've been up to...

little toad found in the garden at Upton Meadows

Welcoming a visitor to the garden

Last week we had a little visit from a frog. 

The children enjoyed watching the frog hop around the garden before we released it into the pond outside pre-school. 

We have enjoyed discussions about frogs, toads and all kinds of pond life after the visit. 

We have also been watching the growth of the tadpoles that we have in pre-school and talking about the life cycle of animals. 

Celebrating Eid Al-Fitr

The children celebrated Eid Al-Fitr by creating their own mehndi patterns. 

They used piping bags and paint to explore different patterns and colours.
The team also used this learning experience as the perfect opportunity to talk to the children about how and why Eid al-Fitr is celebrated.


creative painting at Upton Meadows
children looking in to a box with their hoods up in the garden at Upton Meadows

Outside Classroom Day

The children celebrated Outdoor Classroom Day last week by getting their wellies on and enjoying the great outdoors.

They were independent in getting themselves dressed ready to go exploring.
The children enjoyed a range of learning opportunities outside including tackling an obstacle course and bug hunting in the wild life area in the Upton Meadows Primary School field.

The children found an egg on their walk and talked about what might come out of the egg. 

We look underneath logs to look for bugs and have been talking about how to take care of living things.

Making robots

Earlier this month the children read a story about space and robots today which inspired them to make our own representations of robots.

The children had a variety of resources to choose from to make their robots.

They were supported to make their own choices and use different tools safely to create their robots.

boy being creative at Upton Meadows

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