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Upton Meadows birthday queen

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Farm tuff tray at Upton Meadows

On the farm

Some of our children visited some farms and other children have been talking about previous trips to the farm and what they saw there.

We thought that we would extend upon this by having our very own farmyard small world. The children were supported to use the animals and the natural resources to pretend play and recreate their own experiences.

For children who may not have been to the farm before this was also an opportunity for them to gain new knowledge of what lives on a farm

Celebrating the Queen's 95th Birthday

We have been celebrating the Queens 95th Birthday this week at pre-school.

The children had a tea party in the garden and creating their own crowns.

The children created their own representation of the queen and made her a birthday card.

Upton Meadows birthday queen
Puppies at Upton Meadows

Puppy visit

Last week the children had some very special visitors.

Five little puppies visited the children which sparked discussions about how puppies grow, what they eat and how we take care of them.

The children really enjoyed this unique experience and spent the rest of the afternoon talking about the puppies.

Creating Spring soup

We have been using flowers, mud and other natural resources to make spring soup. The children used their senses to explore the objects and combined different materials together.

soup spring upton meadows
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