Wing April Nursery News

natural resources at our Wing nursery

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Have your say on our summer menu dishes

We would love to know what your children enjoy eating at home, so that we can incorporate some of these dishes into our summer menu.

We have a yellow box positioned outside the nursery for your suggestions. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Creating transcient art

This month the children have been having lots of fun creating transient artwork using a range of loose parts.

They enjoyed using their imagination and creative skills to adapt their creations.

Wing nursery getting input for a new summer menu
natural resources at our Wing nursery

Perfume making

The children have had so much fun making their own perfume.

The opportunity to cut flowers, pour water and combine different scents helped to develop their fine motor skills.

The children enjoyed sharing the experience together and sampling each other’s creations.

Gruffalo crumble

Last week the book of the week at our Wing nursery was ‘The Gruffalo’.

The children enjoyed making Gruffalo crumble with purple prickles, poisonous warts, orange eyes and turned-out toes.

They even transported the mixture into the home corner to cook their crumble!

Wing nursery perfume making
Wing nursery making gruffalo grumble