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Last week's adventures

Last week the children had a fun filled week!

They built their own houses at a construction site, visited a racetrack and even visited dinosaurs at the dinosaur zoo!

These experiences helped the children to practice their counting, learn about how buildings are constructed and what dinosaurs used to eat.
Many interesting and thought-provoking conversations were had.

Chinese New Year

To celebrate Chinese New Year the children learnt about the festival and the Year of the Ox.

They created their own blossom trees and Chinese flags.

They even ordered and enjoyed food from their own Chinese restaurant.


Ice play

This week the children have shown interest in the weather.

In particular they have been interested in the large pieces of ice they have seen on their way to nursery and in our nursery garden.

At group time we spoke about ice and where it comes from, the colour of it and what it feels like.

The children then went outside to explore the tough trays that had been filled with water and allowed to freeze.

We bashed the ice to break it, we tried to melt it with water and we worked together to try and move the smaller pieces of ice to transport it around the garden to a sunnier area.

Babies go climbing

This month the babies have shown and interest in climbing!

We have put some wooden blocks in the room and they have loved exploring the different heights, slopes and they have moved the blocks to make different patterns.

This provision will continue with different variations as the children really loved this!


Learning our shapes and numbers

Earlier in the month the children were focusing on shapes and numbers.
They enjoyed various learning experiences such as drawing shapes, counting the corners on shapes, counting at group time and completing puzzles.
In our nursery we use every opportunity to develop our mathematics. We are often counting how many animals we are playing with, counting lose parts as we get them out of their containers and labelling colours and shapes as we see them around the nursery and garden.

New reviews page

Thank you to all of those families who have left us a review on We have showcased a few of the reviews on our website.

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Recommend a Friend Scheme Relaunch

We have now revamped the Recommend a Friend scheme so you are now able to earn up to 50% off one of your monthly fees.

For all the details, please visit here


Promoting Healthy Eating in the Early Years

Do you sometimes find it a struggle to encourage your little ones to eat a healthy balanced diet. We’ve written a blog post which looks at strategies to help entice young children into trying something new. You can read the blog post here.

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