Wing June Nursery News

little girl dressed up as a fairy

What we've been up to...

children at Wing making flapjacks

Making Flapjacks

Earlier this month, Hedgehogs got to make flapjacks!

The children weighed the ingredients and mixed them all up.

Once it was cooked, it was cut up, so that the children were able to take their flapjacks home.


This month Squirrels were able to explore the field to see what they could find, the children discovered a bird house, daisies, some ants, and some very long swishy grass!

Everyone loved this learning experience, and the children picked some daisies to make a picture with and even did some still life painting.

We cannot wait to continue developing the learning with the interests that the children have shown on their adventure.

Wing taking part in garden adventures looking in birdbox
children playing in the garden at Wing

Construction fun!

The children used laminate floorboards, bricks, and bark to build their own house in the garden.

This was their own idea and they worked together as a team, instructing each other what they needed next to make the house big and strong so they could live in it.

Making bird feeders

The children in hedgehogs have been busy mixing some bird seed with lard to make our own bird feeders.

The children used the spoon and their hands to scoop the bird seed into the bowl and mix it all together with the lard.

Plenty of communication was used and hand eye co-ordination in this task. We ‘scooped’, ‘poured’, ‘mixed’ and ‘squashed’ the ingredients all together to make a ball for the birds outside our nursery window.

wing bird feeder that the children had made
staff at Wing taking part in training

Early Years Training

This weekend our team have undertaken training  to embed knowledge about the new curriculum for early years that is coming into play from September.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the interactive training and the staff gained a new wealth of knowledge that we can’t wait to use with your children.


Our wing nursery is celebrating national Fairy Day on the 24th to create fantasy and imagination!

We are also celebrating national mud day on the 29th to connect the children with nature and have fun playing in the mud!

little girl dressed up as a fairy